We aim to provide a safe, secure, challenging and happy environment where all children can:

Develop confidence, a positive self image and the self motivation to explore the environment and become independent learners.

Learn to co-operate with and care for other children and adults.

Freely use play to maximise learning potential.

Be stimulated and challenged through a balanced, child-centred curriculum to ensure that all children reach their full potential.

Develop knowledge of the world of which they are a part.

Experience success as they start their education.

The school has earned the highest rating of Outstanding for its overall effectiveness in all inspection areas:

  • Achievement of pupils

  • Quality of teaching

  • Behaviour and safety of pupils

  • Leadership and management

"the school has continued to drive forwards effectively, making continuous improvements to the quality of teaching, learning and assessment that the children receive"

"Learning activities are skilfully matched to individual children's needs, aptitudes and interests. Therefore, children are continually stretched and developed. They are taught to take and manage risks"

"Regardless of their starting points, children make excellent progress"

Office for Standards in Education rating & reports