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Moss Hall

Nursery School

Blue Class

This week in Blue class we had our goodbye picnic! It was so special that lots of parents came to join to celebrate our year together. It started as a very rainy day picnic and then the weather became very sunny and we enjoyed a delicious picnic and some playing together. It was lots of fun!

This week our caterpillars arrived! We observed as they have grown from tiny caterpillars to much bigger, fatter caterpillars! We are excited to see how they change and grow during their life cycle. What do you think will happen next? We have also been reading lots of story books and non-fiction books about caterpillars! 

This week we learnt about the Platinum Jubilee! We came to Nursery dressed as queens, princesses, kings and princes. We also read books about the Queen, made some bunting  and flags, did some baking  and then had a Jubilee picnic where we ate the scrumptious cake and fruit kebabs we made. We also sang out and acted out a song about the Queen. We had such a fun day! 

This week has been Walk to School Week! We have been learning about how walking or riding to school is very good exercise. We have also been practising crossing the road safely. We practiced in Nursery with our zebra crossing and then some children went to a real zebra crossing! As part of walk to school week we also had a  Funky Feet Friday where children and grown-ups decorated their shoes!

This week we have been doing some baking in Blue class! We made some biscuits and a rainbow cake. We practiced our mathematical skills such as measuring, estimating and counting as we undertook our baking. Maybe you can try some baking at the weekend at home as well!

This week we planted a tree ! A parent very kindly donated an apple tree which the children helped to plant. We are so excited to see this tree grow and help to look after it. We also planted some delicious strawberries in our growing patch!

This week at Moss Hall Nursery we were sad to say good-bye to Ken.We wrote some good-bye cards and had a big group time to say farewell to him. We are really going to miss him and hope he comes back to visit us soon! 

This week , the weather has been sunny and glorious and we have been spending lots of time in the outdoors area! We also celebrated World Earth Day, and planted some potatoes and green beans in our vegetable patch. I wonder what’s other things  you can do to look after the Earth this weekend? 

This week the children experienced a camp fire. We talked about what we needed to make the fire and the children helped to get the paper ready for the fire. We also learnt about how sticks can be used as kindling for the fire. As we watched the fire we sang London’s Burning’ all together. At the end of the fire we observed some smoke coming out of the dragon and though there might be a dragon underground! See if you can spot any dragons  over the Easter break! 

This week we continued to care for the ducklings! All 5 of them had had hatched by Monday and we observed  them as they played and swam together. We also had a go stroking them... they were so soft! On Friday they will go back to the farm ... we will miss them lots! 

This week the ducklings arrived! It has been such an exciting time as we looked after them. First the eggs arrived and we observed them in the incubator as the eggs started to hatch. This week three of the duckling eggs have hatched  and we moved those ducklings into their new home. We have also been reading books about ducklings and singing songs about ducklings too! We can’t wait to continue caring for the ducklings next week too! 

It has been eco week this week at Moss Hall Nursery School! We have been learning about how to care for the environment. We have done some litter picking, learnt about what happens to sea animals if plastic gets into the sea, learnt  about the melting glaciers and how this affects polar bears in the Arctic and did some planting of wild flowers. I wonder what you could do over the weekend to look after the environment with your family? 

This week in blue class we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters, acted out our  most treasured stories, wrote our own stories and had parents come in throughout the day to read stories with us! It was a such a fun day filled with the wonder of stories and story-telling!

This week in blue class we have been conducting some science experiments. Whilst exploring magnets we discovered that magnets still attract each other under water! We also had a go making some electric circuits. Science is so fun!