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Moss Hall

Nursery School


Principles and Practice at Moss Hall Nursery School 


At Moss Hall Nursery School children always come first. The core purpose of the school is learning, which is underpinned by emotional wellbeing. We nurture children and families and build on children’s innate desire to discover more about themselves and the world they live in.


Learning at Moss Hall Nursery School is meaningful; it happens through play and first-hand experiences. Knowledgeable adults interact sensitively with children to encourage thinking, introduce new ideas or make suggestions.


What do we believe about children?

  • Children are unique. Children learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.

  • Children are curious, they want to explore and investigate with all their senses.

  • Children can be deeply involved and concentrate for long periods of time.

  • Children need to visit the same concept in a range of different ways over time.

  • Children can develop creative and imaginative ways of using different environments and resources.

  • Children do not compartmentalise their learning into separate subjects or developmental areas. All aspects of learning and development are equally important.

  • Children learn most effectively when they are actively involved and interested, and by doing rather than being told. Playing and talking are the main ways through which young children learn about themselves and the world about them.

  • Parents are the first and most enduring educators.


We believe that the most worthwhile education comes from concentrating on the here and now, on the understanding, feelings and needs of children, and then arranging learning experiences which satisfy and build on these. Early childhood is a unique time and should be valued for itself; it is much more than a preparation for future stages of life.


What do children need?

To become effective and successful learners:

  • Children need a sense of belonging where they are cared for as part of a community.

  • Children need time and space to gain a depth of understanding and to learn and practise new skills.

  • Children need agency where they are given responsibility to make choices and to take risks.

  • Children need to experience the feeling of being successful and competent.


Moss Hall Nursery School aims to provide:

1.Access to learning

An enabling environment where:

  • there is place for everyone and there is a feeling of belonging

  • each child of every race, gender, class and learning need is truly recognised, accepted and valued

  • we actively seek to remove barriers to learning



An approach that:

  • sees every situation as a learning opportunity

  • has high aspirations and enables all children to reach their potential

  • will empower the child to learn and grow

  • will reflect the holistic way children learn and grow



An approach that:

  • starts from the child’s needs, encourages high levels of involvement and leads to deep level learning.

  • values children as active participants in their own learning, who are developing increasingly complex understanding, knowledge and skills in purposeful contexts.

  • recognises that parents are key to ensuring that the child is fully understood and all their needs are met, including physical and mental health, intellectual and social needs.


Everyone (the school staff, children, parents, governors and other members of the community) works cooperatively and collaboratively to enable the achievement of all.